Saturday, July 06, 2002

I hate nights like this. Well, maybe not entirely hate. I've had worse. But dinner didn't agree with me, the agenda took me hours to get into shape... it took me a long time to figure out the reason the table kept moving is because they had anchored it improperly, so it kept jumping up into the header... I should have figured it out sooner, but I had baked just enough in the heat today to have lost a few brain fuctions.

Writing... I did some. I wanted to do more.

And now, alas, my worldbuilding trip is off. It doesn't matter in some ways... As much as I would like to write this novel, I suppose I can just put it off for the time being. But I had really been looking forward to the trip because I was having a great time with the worldbuilding. I suspect I might as well just set this one aside for now. If we get to the town later , fine. I'm not going to count on it. Russ has a major project going on, and may be called back to work in New York again in a few weeks, so I suspect we won't have a chance at this trip. The only reason it worked for my part of the trip was because we were going down for some research he needed to do. Now he says he can do the work without going back.

We will be out of town tomorrow, though. I'm not sure this is the best idea for me... but we're going to a BBQ in Omaha. It will be nice to see everyone, but heat and I do not agree -- part of the reason I'm ill tonight -- and it's supposed to be in the 90's tomorrow. Argh.

Ah well.

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