Tuesday, July 23, 2002

3000 words on Game of Time. Not going really well at the moment, but that may be because I'm tired, and not because of the story. But I sort of hit a point where the group is told what's going on. Now I'm sort of... so what do they do about it? I mean I know in a general way, but actually doing the work takes a little more thought.

I had hoped to get this book done by the end of the month. After all, it's going to be a short YA novel. I had always planned for this series to come in around 50,000 each. But until something clicks in my brain again, I may have to set this one aside.

Ah... ah. They need... something. Oh. And I see it. And I know where they need it to be. All right. I can do that. A magnet of sorts. Otherwise, they'd have no way of finding the pieces. It's a bit like what I used in The Dark Staff books, but oh well. If I come up with something better later...I'll rework that part.

I think I'll open the WIP back up and add a couple notes to the end so I remember this when I start to write tomorrow, and go back and add it in. Good plan.

See, that wasn't so hard.

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