Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Cleaned up bits and pieces of the house. Russ will be home in about eight hours or so, and I'm trying to 'neaten up' some of the areas again.

This week went very quickly. I got a lot of odd work done, and I'm moving again on the novel, so that's good. And I had a couple short stories hit me, which is always nice. Managed to get somethings designed and printed off, and all in all, I can't complain too much.

As life goes, this hasn't been too bad at all. Only one minor kitty emergency -- and that was a case where I thought there was something wrong but there wasn't...

See, Princess Cricket has an ongoing problem that gets her to the vet once every few months. It's a bladder problem, and no one can figure out what causes it. But it clears up for a while and then comes back later. As long as she keeps getting better, we're okay.

On Wednesday I came out to the kitchen to find Cricket on the floor on her side, one leg stretched at an odd angle, and her head kind of 'loose' if you know what I mean. I called her name. No reaction at all. I knelt down and tried to get her to move. Nothing. I prodded her, no movement -- but alive, mind you. I knew that. She just stared with her eyes kind of glazed and her mouth open.

I panicked. I stood and headed for the phone.

The phone is in the same direction as the cat food...

She beat me to the doorway. I did not strangle her. I think that showed all kinds of restraint on my part.

Okay, off to do a little bit more house pick up stuff, and then to work on writing.

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