Thursday, July 11, 2002

Closing in on 6,000 for the day so far. I may well go on. It's going very well. I'm having a good time tonight. Cool enough that I even turned the AC off for a abit and just using the fan. The trouble with that is that it blows my hair, and I hate that.

But Dacey's Dream, as I expected, is moving along much better than Crystal did. It will, of course, run short. They all do. But I see enough open holes in this one that I think I could write an entire new novel to fill them. (grin)

I don't want to be tired, but that may win out as well. We'll see. I'm sitting at exactly 38,800 words for the novel, 36,271 since the start of the dare. Hmmm... even with some really bad days, that means I've done about 4,000 a day just on this piece. Good.

Time to get back to work.

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