Thursday, July 25, 2002

I swear, if Russ was ever ready to leave on time, I'd probably fall over dead. And it's not always his fault... but he does tend to wait until the last minute to pack, gather his CDs, etc. -- even knowing that there will be other delays. There always are. Today it was calls from various people with computer problems, so that he wasn't even getting ready to take Kin to the vet until ten minutes after Kin's appointment.

But we have a great vet. He got Kin in, gave him two shots, and combed him out, which Kin did not like but will help a great deal.

Then Kin got to come right back home. I gave him cheese treats...

And that's when I realized that there was no sign of Princess Cricket. I put out a little food. Still no sign of her. Russ finally found her hiding back in the library. Apparantly a combination of the weird weather and seeing the kitty cage had her panicked. He chased her out of the hiding spot long enough for us to make sure she could move, and then we let her back at it.

And now Russ has gone, only half an hour later than he wanted to leave. Of course, he still has to stop by three places on his way out of town, and drive 100 miles to the airport.

But here I am, all on my own for a week. I think I'll manage. What I'm hoping to do is a massive clean up of the house... though that will all depend on how well my back stands up to it. I also, of course, want to get some writing done. A lot of writing done, in fact, since this is the last week of the month.

If it comes down to it, writing will win out, of course.

I just hope that Russ makes it down to Omaha with plenty of time to get on his flight...

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