Thursday, July 25, 2002

So I wrote all of that (second entry down), and then thought about it for the next few hours wondering why I had kept thinking about it before. (grin) And I came to the conclusion that I just think about that kind of stuff too much. I suspect that I expect better of people than they are often willing to give. She was not the only one perpetually late with material that she had promised for the issues -- she was just the only one who waited that long to get them in. And it still does happen. Holly and I are looking at some possiblities for changes next year... when Holly has time to look at anything at all. She's a very busy person, in case no one noticed that. (grin)

But in the end, I realized that I just shouldn't waste my time thinking about this kind of stuff. That doesn't mean I'll quit doing it, of course. Just that I shouldn't.

And back to the real world stuff....

I had to do an agenda for tomorrow which has put me just a bit behind on my work tonight. Not really much since I've already written over 2400 words on a new short story. A fun new short story with two of my favorite silly characters. This one takes them into the jungles of Africa where they will find a lost Celtic civilization. Yes, it is all very silly, and none of it meant to be taken seriously. And it's just the kind of silly stuff that I need to get me in the right mood for some serious work.

I'm sure there's a flaw in my logic somewhere....

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