Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Well no. I haven't been writing. Several odd things happened. There was almost a storm... I could see the lightning off to the north, so I got out the camera and took a few pictures. Better than nothing.

I had just finished my bio, blurb and picture for Double Dragon Ebooks when Writer's Exchange Epublishing asked for the same for a different book. No word when it will be out, but I got all that material done and off to Sandy tonight. Yay!

Then... I found that I had made some major mistakes with Vision. I think I caught most of them. but I've asked for people who wrote for the issue to check to make certain. The last thing I want is to find out about mistakes after I do the other two versions!

For the moment, until I hear from anyone else, I am free to write again. This is good. Dacey is actually moving along very well, and I think I'll have this draft done in a week or so. Then I'll go in and add all the new material that I've been considering and bring it up to about 80,000. I see it going to about 55-60,000 in this draft. If I'm lucky.

Back to work...

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