Saturday, July 27, 2002

I woke up with a horrible headache. The kind where you just don't dare even move. I stayed in bed for another couple hours, napping on and off as cats came to visit. Why do they insist on walking on me? Especially when I don't feel well? Do they have this little gathering out in the other room and say, "Hey look, Zette's nearly comatose again. Now's the time to go leaping on her back and nuzzling her hair with our cold little noses. She so loves that... Oh, and we must bring Princess Cricket so that she can yell. She yells the best of all of us. And don't forget to lure the dog in, so she can bark at the worst time."

At any rate, after about two hours of this, I finally crawled out of bed, grabbed something to drink in the kitchen, and came straight to my computer... but only because this was where the Tylenol was sitting.

Nearly two hours later, and I think I might finally be seeing a pathway to my brain again.

But there is some good news. Last night I went to bed with a copy of Michael Grant's Cleopatra and some note cards. I very quickly found just the material I needed to work out the next problem in The Game of Time. In this case I needed some time/place where I could create a near disaster that would have changed all history. Easy enough to find, and I worked out a few notes for the story. I think it's going to go fairly easy now, though it will (what a shock) run short. I don't care as long as I get the basic story down. I'm sitting at 16,533 right now and about to have my first physical conflict scene, with one of the team captured. After that, the action will pick up.

I expect to hit 20,000 today, at least. Maybe more. But I also want to do an edit/reworking of a short story and get it off.

Ah, 4PM. The horde has gathered, looking for their food. I best take care of that now, or they'll be no rest.

No hold it. They already took care of that part, didn't they?

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