Saturday, July 20, 2002

We are back from the great adventure...

I love going off with Russ for a day away from home. We get to discuss all sorts of things with no interruptions. Today we covered his articles and my upcoming novel. I was even going to start the novel tonight, but by the time we got home, I was just way too tired. Haven't slept in about 36 hours, except for a couple less than an hour (total) naps in the car. I would like to go to bed, but it's too hot. Really and truly too hot.

Anyway, Russ and I left about 7:30AM and got home about 11PM. We were in Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa looking at historical sites and small towns. Great day.

Russ leaves for a weeklong job in New York next Wednesday. We have a lot to get done before then, but I think we'll do fine. And it even looks as though it might cool down a little before then. It was awful out there today, and then we came home to a house so hot we could hardly stand it, and Russ has a high tolerance for that sort of thing.

This weather sucks. I hate it. I feel totally miserable when it gets hot and humid.

Part of the reason is that I do need to lose weight. I know it and have started the first small steps in that direction. And I also need to walk more. That is one thing that will help with my current calcium problem... but I cannot walk in this weather. I walk around the house as much as I can. I have an exercise bike... but I cannot ride it because of the ankle problems related to the calcium problems... it's a vicious circle.

But I will, nonetheless, start to lose weight again. And if the weather ever improves enough that I can step out of the house without falling over gasping, I'll start taking the dog for walks again. She could use them, too. I wish we lived somewhere more interesting to walk, of course, but hey... that's life.

Time for me to go do some writing.

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