Sunday, July 21, 2002

And, as expected, now that we own an AC unit, it has cooled off. Dramatically, one might say. We had a lovely storm blow through, though it was a bit disconcerting to be setting in the van with loud hail pinging off it. Not the first time that's happened to us, but I always find it a little troubling at the time.

I did get a couple mpg movies on the camera with the sound, though. That was kind of neat.

I have gotten next to nothing done tonight. Not a good sign. But, as time goes for me, it's still early. I should be able to get moving soon.

We might have some more stroms tonight, so I probably shouldn't waste this time. Especially since I can finally 'see' a pivotal scene for The Game of Time. I better get to work on that one!

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