Thursday, July 04, 2002

We just watched Independence Day. Odd...

Of course you can see the World Trade Center towers in the New York scenes. That was disconcerting enough. But worse, of course, was watching the buildings blow up and fall down. Nevertheless, it is a good movie. Not the best ever made, but exciting enough.

I'm hoping to drag Russ out for a little while to get a few fireworks pictures tonight. I love getting those shots. We'll see. It was miserably hot watching the movie -- no AC in that part of the house -- and even with two fans I started feeling pretty ill by the end. So ill, in fact, that I'll haven't been able to concentrate on anything since I came back to my office.

Have I mentioned in the last five minutes how much I hate this weather?

Russ will be out of town tomorrow. He says that if a check comes in, he's going to be an AC for the other part of the house. I pointed out that this is a sure way to make certain we are hit by unseasonably cold weather. He feels the price is worth it...

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