Thursday, August 01, 2002

Sometimes stories just call to you...

Unfortunately for me, they almost always call at the wrong time. This is the case with a novel I started early this year -- I think for the March Madness. The novel is Ada Nish Pura, which means 'mistake from which there is no going back' in the language of the locals.

I really enjoyed this novel when I started it. I hated to stop, in fact, but I had books for the Dark Staff series that I had to get done. So I went back to work on them.

Every now and then I would open Ada and write a few lines. Unfortunately, this is not a novel I can just pick up and start working on again, like I can most of mine. I'm not certain if it's must more complex or if the characters just need my full attention, but I had to stop writing it.

I re-read it a few days ago. I liked it... but even having read it, I could not seem to get the feel when I tried to write again.

So today I started rewriting it from scratch. With luck I'll get all the way through it this time. If not, I'll have a far 'cleaner' first half than I usually have. But I have to say that even just a couple pages into it, I'm far happier with the new version. It's not that different, there's just a bit more depth to it.

So, time to get to work. I still have work on Dacey to do as well, and the new short story to finish. But it all looks good.

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