Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Better tonight, but worn out. I'm trying to get some writing done, and it's going well enough, if not exactly the most inspired stuff I've ever written. But I'm getting some work done on Game of Time and looking, finally at the end. I don't know that I'll get there today, but at least I can see it.

I also charted out some major changes for Dacey's Dream, including a few more chapter. I woud like to get through this run on it so that I know how it falls, and can do the final writing on it. I've inserted these chapters without really laying all the background for them that I want.

Eliora's World is going well, too. It's my 'easy' work right now, so I sort of leave it for last most days.

And then there is Ada Nish Pura. I want to throw myself into it. But first I'm going to get Game out of the way, and maybe even Dacey. Ada is the carrot at the moment. It's out there waving around, luring me on.

So much to do...

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