Tuesday, August 13, 2002

I'm finally back up out of bed, mainly because I couldn't stay there any longer. It helped with the ear, but my back is killing me. The ear still hurts, of course, but it does seem to have gotten past the worst of it. This has been a very troubling problem. Hearing and balance were both off, and my head in general felt like it would explode if the pressure didn't ease. But it's going down now. I'm hoping that by tomorrow it will have cleared up.

I was going to write in bed with the Visor, but I kept going to sleep instead. I did read a bit, though. I love the Visor for that. I could lay on my side, prop the screen in front of my face, and read, just pushing the button to change the page now and then. Very comfortable and relaxing.

But it is time to write now. At least 500 words before I crawl back off to sleep again....

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