Monday, August 19, 2002

38,098 and working on the last chapter. I should be going faster, but between my ear and my upset stomach, I'm a bit slow. And I'm having a little trouble just... working through the last steps here. Ah, but I'll get it. I'll get it soon. This isn't so difficult to write, it's just that my mind is leaping around to other parts now, which I wish it wouldn't do before I'm done with this one. But that's the way my mind works, sometimes. And it doesn't help that I want to write the new notes up Muse as well.

Now see, this is the problem with having a mind that find stories everywhere. I can't get through to the end tonight, because my mind is leaping over to two other things, and I can't call it back for some reason. Probably just not the right music. The Best of the Waterboys might be a little too wild.

Or probably not. It's really my head that's not tuned in tonight. Time to lock it in. Time to get done. Right?

Why is it easier to type this tonight than to do the work?

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