Monday, August 05, 2002

Good afternoon people!

Yes, I'm somewhat in a good mood. My back is still killing me, and I still haven't received word on a couple submissions that I would like to hear about... but hey, life is good. I have things done and in the mail and email. I have four projects that are all moving along nicely, I have a crazed goal... and except for this flood watch, all is well. No, I don't expect the flood watch to be a real problem. It's just that the ground is soaked and we have more rain on the way. I do live within walking distance of the Missouri River -- this is the flood plain -- but it has not flooded since 1952, as I recall. At least not enough to be of a real worry.

But, back to the four projects. The Game of Time is giving me the most trouble. I really didn't expect it, but for some reason I cannot fall into the story. I get a few hundred words on it at a stretch, and they're not bad words -- at least the story is going in the right direction -- but you know... the story just doesn't feel right. I'll have to rethink the premise in the rewrite and see where it went wrong. I should hit 20,000 words on it today, though. If I let it fall to novella size, I could be done soon.

The inserts for Dacey's Dream are going very well. I'm up to 60,000 words on that one, and I know I can manage another 20,000 or so without much trouble. (Probably cursed myself by saying that, though.) The subplot has certainly added a lot of depth to the story, which is as it should be, of course.

I've started typing up Eliora's World, even though I am not done with Dacey's Dream yet. I wanted to add some pieces that lead more directly to book five (Eliora) than I have in previous pieces, because there is something the enemy is setting up for Aubreyan this time, and I want to make certain I have the steps right. It's actually working pretty well, and gives me a head start on the next book in the set.

And the last project is Ada Nish Pura. This is my 'don't rush it' project -- a kind of experiment to see how changing the way in which I write changes the outcome. I'm only 2372 words into this writing. I have a longer piece that I'm working from, but it's not finished. I'll be interested in seeing how I do when I finally get to the end of the material and have to go on... but at this rate, that's going to be a very long time. I think it's a good opening paragraph so far, though.

Time to get to work. I also have some web stuff to do and some editing for Vision to get to. But over all... not bad so far!

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