Sunday, August 18, 2002

I have more worked out on the novel. Russ pointed out that part of it happened too soon, and some of it had to be given more of a push, etc. Story thoughts spun off from that, continue to grow. I'm going to have this worked out before long.

But right now I'm going to work on Eliora's World. A friend is coming over with his LOTR DVD to watch... but I think I'm going to pass tonight. Three hours of a movie doesn't really appeal to me right now. Writing appeals to me, if I can just start feeling a little better. I hate the fact that I can't eat without feeling ill afterward. You'd think that would help me lose a little weight, wouldn't you?

Ah well. Time to finish up Eliora. Starting count is 35,850. And I see from what's left of the original that I'm probably going to use only three thousand or so more words worth. I will then go back and look for somewhere to expand it at least to 40,000 for this draft. That's just a personal thing with me -- 40,000 for a first draft and expand it into a real novel after that. It's an easy number to aim for.

Time to write...

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