Sunday, August 04, 2002

I'm very nearly done with the short story, but had to step back for a little while so I could look at the ending conflict and get it all aligned right. I need more soliders. There's no reason they wouldn't take more soldiers into this conflict, and it would not change the basic ending that I want.

So, I'll go back and rework that little bit.

Russ and I were messing around with one of my printers, and we found how you can beam material from the Visor or Palm to it and print. Pretty neat. Not that I can't hotsync and do it that way anyway... but Russ isn't set up to hotsync to my computer, and he just wanted a few notes... so hotsyncing, copying to disk, bringing it back here, printing it out... beaming was much faster and kind of neat.

I need to get back to work. Russ is working on his article, I'm finishing up a short story... I have such a great house!

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