Saturday, August 17, 2002

Oh yes. Good writing night. Topped 2,000,000 for Project Dolphin and wrote 10,011 words. I like nights like this. The story flowed. I could keep going, except that it is late, and I want a little sleep again.

This has also brougth the daily word count down to 3018. Ill drop below 3000 soon, and if I can keep it there, I'll feel good. I suspect that I'll have a few days of 1000 and 500 though. Ah, but if I can have a few days like this every month, that won't matter a lot, will it? I've already written over 61,000 words this month.

It's good. I'm happy with the work. Not perfect, but the feel of it was right -- it didn't fight me at all. I could wish to write like this all the time, except that I don't think I'd survive it very well.

Eliora's world is almost up to 40,000 words. I doubt it will go much over that in this draft. (Haven't we heard this before?) Once I'm done with it, I'll work on Dacey's Dream for a bit again, and get it to the end. And then I'll go on to the first draft of the next novel while I work on the rewrite of Eliora -- going to have to about double the word count for it. But again, as with almost everything else, this is a very straightforward, single plot line story. I might have a little more trouble drawing in other subplots though. Except for one minor one, they are not immediately obvious.

But I can worry about that later. Right now... bed for a few hours.

I hope everyone else has a wonderful day, writing or whatever you do!

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