Saturday, August 17, 2002

And, fourteen hours later, I'm back at work. Sort of.

Had other things that had to be taken care of today. Pesky damn real life... well, not all of it pesky. Russ and I had a nice dinner where we talked out part of the plot to a new novel. I'm quite happy with it so far. I'm going to start doing some serious outlining, and character creation tonight. Do I need a new novel?

If one strikes me this strongly, and keeps nagging for months (this since June), then yes, I obviously need it. It's a romance/murder mystery set in present day. Totally out of usual range of writing -- but the more I think about this book, the more I want to write it. I will complete this draft of Eliora's World before I actually start the work on it, other than some outlining. But considering how close I am to having EW done, that could be just a few hours from now.

This one is going to be fun -- filled with strange characters, odd location, somewhat bewildered MC for the first chapter or so. Ah, I can't wait to throw myself into it...

Unfortuantely, the food made me tired. I hate when that happens, but I might end up napping for a while again. Ah well, it allows me to do a lot of writing through the night.

Nap, write? Nap, write?

Well, just a little bit of writing first...

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