Friday, August 09, 2002

I think the chorus of frogs scared the cricket out last night. No sign... ummm, sound... of him today. I'm glad, because I'm working on an Agenda, and they already put me in bad moods.

Russ unexpectedly had work tonight. That's always good, except that I suspect he would probably rather be writing. It's very odd to live in a house with two people writing almost all the time. And our conversations at dinner are interesting, too.

Argh. Can't reach the web site. I hate when that happens. I'll give it a few minutes and then try again.

And in writing? Ah, it's going very well in general. I've been happy with a good amount of it the last couple weeks. I hope to get some more done soon tonight, but I think Russ said he might be home about 8. Or maybe not. I wish I could rememeber, so that I'd do something about food...

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