Friday, August 16, 2002

And a very late start. I got up at noon, but we were having a massive storm. So I went back to bed and just rested there, listening to it. Very lovely, even if the thunder did keep startling Pip. And then the rain... and then I slept some more...

And Russ finally came and woke me up at 5 PM to make certain I was all right. Ack. Well, it's not like a little sleep will kill me, but now I'm really off on my time. I should start with the agenda, I suppose, and get it out of the way. Yes, that seems like a good plan. Agenda, web work, Vision, Writing? Maybe I'll hold Vision for tomorrow, since I'm getting such a late start. I didn't see any work for Estand, but I haven't checked for Good Read yet.

This entry is just to make certain that I have my fingers moving again. What an odd day!

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