Tuesday, August 27, 2002

A good many of my friends are at World Con or heading there now. Sigh. Not this year for me, for very many good reasons -- but still, sigh. I've missed all the conventions this year, except for a few hours at ConQuest. Even skipped the one in Minneapolis where I had been talking with people about being on a panel. Didn't go to the little one in Wayne. No WorldCon, which is a very expensive convention. The only way I went last year is that I had $2000 from a web site.

One of the great things about the SF/Fantasy crowd is that you can go and see your friends as these cons. People who live on one coast or the other -- it doesn't matter for the big cons. We get together for the big weekend. Long nights 'pitting' in the hotel lobby. Fun at the sff.net suite. I know Eggplant as a suite this year as well. And The Liaden Universe Party...

I don't like to go out much to visit people. Most of the time I just get bored. I have little in common with most of the people in my area, and the few discussions about kitchen curtains and baby teeth have really broken me of trying to go on with that kind of waste of time. Sometimes its better with the men, but even there... I write. I love reading. I like talking to people with similar loves, which you can find on the Internet and at the conventions. And many of these people I only see once a year...


I'm going to be miserable for the next few days. I'll get over it, of course. It's not the end of the world. But last year I had such great fun -- people came to me and said what a great ezine Vision was, and I spent a good amount of time in the SFWA suite with all kinds of fun people. I put out flyers for Vision, Forward Motion, and some of my work.

Somehow, I suspect that I'm going to have trouble getting writing done for a while.

Bad attitude. (slaps fingers) Okay, back to work.

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