Saturday, August 10, 2002

I'm sitting here working on The Game of Time. The story is just not quite right. It hasn't the depth or the power to sustain a novel, even a short one. I'm up to 20,000 words and the ending is looming just a few pages away, and right at this moment, I can't see any thing else to do but to let it find it's natural length and then put it aside.

The more I look at it, the more I think I want to use these characters in something more contemporary. The first part of the story, where I had them in this time and place, worked very well. It was only when I made my first time leap that things went badly.

So... I'm going to finish this version. I will later look at a different version where they are involved with museum work and stay in this time. That, I think, will work better. I set up a number of relationships... and then just took them out of those. I think I was doing much better before.

You know, I feel much better now. (grin)

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