Thursday, August 08, 2002

Got some serious writing done tonight. Lots of words on Eliora's World, and feeling better about it. Now I'm looking at an insert for Dacey that had been giving me trouble, but I realize now it was because I was trying to shove it into the wrong spot. I'm going to take my note book and go take a bath, working out some of the problems. But it moves again. That's always good for me.

Is too much of my life centered on writing? I wonder that sometimes. But then I think what I could be doing instead. Working in some office? Oh, the money would be nice, of course... but I went that route for a long time. I got lucky. I should not have been able to leave the work before I could supply the money to cover it, but here I am.

And my life centers around writing. Sometimes I even get it right...

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