Saturday, February 15, 2003

Today was Agenda Day. Yes, again. A few problems that had to be sorted out, but it went together rather well, and it's out now... ah, and here comes my copy back. I put my name on the mailing list just to make certain the mail server is working. IN fact, I do it twice -- once at my account, and one at my city account. That way I know at what step things went wrong. (grin)

I barely wrote 1000 words yesterday, but that's because I spent the time fine-tuning my outline. Much happier with it now. I'm going to start the outline for book 8 tonight, and with luck, I'll have it done in three or four days. Then I plan to write the last two books. Good plan, huh?

Overall, I think it's going to be fine, although I'm really lost on some of the stuff to do on Book 8. I have faith that as soon as I start to work on the outline it will fall into place. The plot has turned so much away from the original 20 year old story that I can barely use any of the background for this one.

No matter. I'm having fun, and it's going to be much better story when I'm done.

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