Saturday, February 15, 2003

So, I started the outline. I got a few sections in and then went to get some soda. And found myself cleaning out the fridge...

I decided that I'd either become a pod person, or there was something wrong with the outline. I'm glad to say that it was the outline, and now I have over 1000 words on it, and it's going well. And I even got the work on the agenda done. Now I'm doing some Estand stuff, and then I'll go back to the outline. If it keeps going well, I might get it done in no time at all.

It's fun so far! I've got 23 phases done, including the original opening which will just be moved farther into the story. I'm hoping for another 300+ phases for this story, like the last one. That should get me around 80,000 words in the first draft.

Time to finish off the estand stuff and get to work!

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