Friday, February 14, 2003

Happy Valentine's Day

We've had rain all day, but the temp has just now (in the last ten minutes) dropped below freezing. So pretty soon we're going to have ice, snow, and yucky stuff for people who have to go out into it.

I'm still recovering from my outline work. That was a lot of writing! And after I went to bed, I thought of several things I want to change, so I'm not actually done yet. But that' s all right. It's very close. And I would much rather have the ideas now rather than later when I'm writing the story. Or after I've written it.

So, today is going to be a little work on the next outline, and some additional stuff to this one.

And maybe feeding the cats since they've gathered around me, and Pip is istting on the mouse again to make certain he has my attention.

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