Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Last night, as I was picking through the debris on my desk, stories began to fall together. An odd time to have them make that leap from vague ideas to something I can run with, but then this wouldn't be the first time. At least it didn't wait until I went to bed for a change.

Anyway, I had thought I was getting ready to go to bed, picking up the desk, preparing to sleep. No, think again. I ended up writing another 2000 words and topping 4000 for the night. And then I took my little notecards off with me to the bathtub and wrote some more there.

Unfortunately, I'm a little tight on time right now as Russ prepares for his next trip to New York on Thursday. Things to get done around here... right now he's off making pet food runs to three different places.

But, since he's not back yet, I think I'll just open up one of the projects -- maybe the outline -- and do a little work.

Oh, and we're having an incredible wind storm today, but it's not particularly cold with it. Very odd.

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