Friday, February 21, 2003

I'm preparing for the attack of the outline. Actually, I started it last night, and wrote less than 2000 words for the day. However, I did get all my chart stuff set up for this run, and did a lot of other work -- like getting another story out. That helps since the next two weeks are going to be pretty much booked with this novel, I think.

Right at the moment I'm doing some agenda stuff. I don't have everything in yet, but I was able to upload a few of the attachments. I'm going to put them together for the PDF version, too and have it ready to attach to the longer document when it arrives -- later today, I suppose. I expect there will a number more attachments, but this at least gets me ahead of the game a bit, especially since they've started sending them as bmps rather than jpgs -- and the bmps are just too large for a website, so I have to convert them all.

Okay, here's the plan for Book 7. I have 335 'phases' in the outline. I put an arbitrary 225 words per phase, which would bring the book out a little over 75,000 words. That's right in range of most of the others. I've also broken it out to about 25 phases per day, which is 5625 words. If I do more, all the better. But this will get the novel's first draft done in time.

Today is actually the first day of the work, but I did 7 phases last night to give myself a headstart. Anything I can do over what is needed just means I'll get it done that much quicker.

I think I'll go copy some of this over into 'Goals' section at Forward Motion.

Ack. Just got dropped out of the website I was updating for the agenda. Ah well. I got part of it done.

Time to get to work for about half an hour or so, and then feed the guys... nah. I might as well just feed them now and be done with it. And do that other Agenda work. Clear everything I can before I throw myself into this novel.

I think I'm going to have fun!

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