Sunday, February 16, 2003

Ah, this is going well... but it's going to be slow. I have divided my groups up, set each one of them their own private little hell, and now they have to figure out how to survive them and escape to join the others again. So far... not too bad, though. I realize that each 'hell' is going to be formed by the first person in the group who regains consciousness.

I don't intend for this section to be very long. It's a test, but not the final one. There is still a major battle to be fought in the end. The demon is trying to break Abby's followers. If he can, he gains power from their despair. If he kills them without breaking them, though, it will backfire on him. On the other hand, if he can keep them trapped in their hells while he and Abby fight, it denies Abby the help and support that he needs.

I just want to outline this out now, so that I can get to work on it. (grin) This is fun...

Off to torture more characters for a while.

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