Tuesday, February 25, 2003

I'm working on phase 94. I only have to make it to 100 tonight to finally be caught up. I thnk I can do this, though I am slowing down a bit. I am, however, determined to finally be where I should be when I quit tonight. And then I'll do some work on Vision, and then I'll take a bath and write some on a nice little short story that is buzzing around in my head.

I'm doing all right. I really am. I'm just... worn down tonight. This has been hard tonight. I've done a bit over 7,000 words tonight, and only 8 words short of 24,000 on the book so far. Nothing to complain about. I'm way ahead with the word count. At phase 93 I should have been at 20,925.

I'm closing out a chapter in phase 94. And that sometimes makes me stumble, trying to get the feel I want at the end.

But I'll get there.

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