Thursday, May 09, 2002

Well, huh.

I just got the first two chapters of Abby back from the editor. Not bad. I think I disagree with a couple small points, but nothing drastic.

I have not gotten back to work on the web site. I've had a very slow going with Crystal, but part of that was a realization that I didn't need a huge boring part, and that I did need to add in some trouble early on. So I did both of those, and I am now just a couple lines from the end of the chapter and a bit over my 1000 minimum. Good. Doing the pictures helped. It allowed me to step back a bit again, and catch my breath.


Just realized I changed POV in the middle of the work again. Argh. Okay. Have to go fix that. I don't know why I keep doing that with this book. I usually don't have that trouble!

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