Thursday, May 30, 2002

I stopped at 45,012 last night which puts me at 50,081 for the month. Good, with two days worth of writing to do. Last year's total for May was 53,526 , and I don't see any trouble bettering that by at least a few hundred words. I try to do better each year than I did the year before.

Which is stupid, by the way. I am fast approaching a point where turning out more words will be counterproductive to actually getting material ready for publication. This year I'm all right because I have the eight books to completely rewrite. Next year I may have to rethink my overall yearly goal.

Although I do have to admit that there is part of me that would like, just once, to write 1,000,000 words in one year.

Well, Russ is off mc'ing a poetry slam. The kitties are fed, the world is calm for the moment, if a tad bit too hot (93f).

So, we start at 45,012 words and 174 pages.

Off to work!

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