Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Only 242 more pictures to go through... (thunk)

It's been good to have this the last couple days, for a few reasons. First, Russ and I were both ill. I couldn't think plot, or edit or much else. I managed about 500 words yesterday, and I think I'm doing a bit more today. And, as often happens with people who spend all their time working on writing, a few days away from it has made me appreciate the story more. Tonight, between disks loading (amazing how much longer it takes to get pictures off of the a-drive than the cd roms), I've stopped over and done a few hundred words on Crystal. A good amount of it has been 'go back and fix things' work that only takes a few words at a shot. Great way to get back into the work. Not really editing, mind you -- just remembered that I need to make a reference to a different name a few pages back. Stuff like that.

I'm feeling better tonight. That's good. I'm having a wonderful time with the pictures and I'm going to have the site done soon. I hope to get through the rest of these pictures tonight. All 247 of them.

And then it's back to life in the real world... editing books!

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