Friday, May 10, 2002

And so, how have I done today?

Well, I've gotten a lot of non-writing stuff done and out of the way. I know, I know. Just the opposite of what I said I would do, but this is City Agenda day, and because I saw problems with the material sent yesterday, I except it to be a major mess. I have done all I can before the actual agenda arrives -- all the attachments are lined up... ah, and I might as well put them up as well. That will get another group out... no, hold it. I better wait on that part in case I have to change all the links. Right.

Last night I went through a bunch of really lovely zoo pictures. I have only two more sets to do from the new camera, but I think I might go over the disks from the old camera as well -- and redo the entire site from scratch. Hmm...

You know, I think I feel better today. I actually don't mind doing the work and I'm looking forward to opening up the WIP and getting it done as well. I have most of the pdf version of Vision done, but I have to complete it on the other computer, so it's going to wait until I take the agenda out there to do as well.

Right now, though... I'm going to go look at more pictures.

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