Friday, May 24, 2002

Okay, if we're going to make accusations of Forward Motion being run by Nazi-like people...

This was a private answer I made to Jen ... but Holly has already revoked her access to that newsgroup, being a bit miffed about the Nazi stuff. Anyone who thought she would sit through that just hasn't been paying attention... (Added a few things in this reading.)

Do you know why the feeling at the community has changed?

Because so damn many of you will not let a disagreement between two people stay that way. You have to bring it into the community and make it something huge and unforgivable.

Yes, there have been disagreements at Forward Motion as well. Guess what? That's going to happen with any group, and if you can't stand back and go on for the sake of the community and better things... well, then I guess you aren't ready to go out and help others. It's your choice. Because there are always people you are not going to agree with, but as a moderator here, you would be expected to help them anyway. Even when it is the person who has put up the money for the site and who has opinions you do not agree with. I expected all of you to be adult, and if you felt you had to leave, to BE POLITE ABOUT IT!

But until this post of yours This Disagreement had been entirely off the Forward Motion Site.

Yes I am well and truly angry. More so than I have been in a long, long time. To have this place compared to Nazi Germany is just too damn much, even for me. I expected so much better from you, Jen. I really did.

No one told you that you couldn't post all you wanted about Bryn in your own weblog. No one told you that you had to take one side or the other. Sheila is free to delete anything she likes from her own weblog -- including the comments -- just as you are.


If this had been about trouble since September, then why wait until now and use something NOT EVEN ASSOCIATED WITH THE SITE to resign?

Oh, and by the way for the rest of you who were not around... the huge horrible thing Holly did back in September was tell people that they could no longer talk about the American War Effort, mainly because she disagreed with so many of them, and didn't want to see a rift continue to spread. So people use this to accuse her of censorship because on her own site, devoted to writing, she told people they couldn't discuss something that was causing bad feelings in her and a large group of people.

One person decided he was above any rules and posted anyway, and got booted off the site. Another left because of political disagreements.

And the rest of you have taken this and used it to sew more trouble at the site. Oh horrible, horrible censorship, that we aren't allowed to talk about this RIGHT HERE. People left because they had a political disagreement with Holly. At least be honest about that part.

I seldom get really angry, but you never know what's going to push someone like me just that final step. It surprised me, in fact. But the use of a disagreement outside Forward Motion to accuse us of anger and hate... well, let's just say she managed to get the anger part kicked in.

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