Sunday, May 26, 2002

I'm home!

I had a fun few hours in KC visiting with very many friends. I learned that I have a short piece in a September 11th chap book put out by Yard Dog Press, which is giving all the money from it to 9/11 relief funds. That's nice.

Rob Chilson, who was interviewed for Vision a couple issues back, stopped to thank me and say how hits to his web site doubled just afterwards and just kept growing for a couple months. Now that's really nice to know. It makes me realize the one thing I should have been doing for all the contributors -- including a web site link. Duh.

And I found out there were a couple other writers who routinely just drop over to Forward Motion just to check it out and see how things are going. That was nice, too.

But I had not slept since 9am on Friday, so I was not the most coherent person I could have been.

Oh, and we stopped at the wildlife refuge on the way down -- great raccoon chasing fish in a pond -- and then on the way back where I got a lovely picture of herons and deer, as well as a very distant shot of a bald eagle.

You can't hope for days much better than this.

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