Wednesday, May 15, 2002

A bit over 2000 words. Not too bad.

And I got the last of the pictures I wanted copied off of the disks. Some nice shots there. When I got done I thought that couldn't be all of them, finished.

Literally, it couldn't be all of them. I realized I hadn't seen the entire very good tiger and snow leopard set. That meant somewhere there was another entire day at the zoo. I found it... well over 200 pictures.

Pounding head on keyboard now....

I'm going to have to quit for the night. I got hit with a massive allergy attack -- that time of year, isn't it? -- and the stuff really wiped me out. I'll stop now and take a look at what I've done, and check out the last couple paragraphs on Crystal... I think I was sort of sleep writing about then. Time to get to bed!

Tomorrow I will finish with these pictures. I have no idea how long it will actually take me to do the web site, though!

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