Sunday, May 12, 2002

I can't seem to get my journal to upload again tonight. Now it looks like a problem on my end, and I'm just not up to mucking around with it and figuring out what to do. So I'm here instead for the moment.

I've not written much. I've worked on zoo pictures all day! Ten trips to the zoo, over 100 pictures each time... you get the picture (argh... I hate puns). I'm having a great time with it, though. Some of the pictures are really great. I have two and a half more days to go through, and then a final sorting of the pictures before I start the new web site.

Am I avoiding writing? Not entirely. I have an idea for a really different short story, and it's running through my brain. I think I've worked out a couple problems with Crystal. Should I be writing on them instead of doing this? Probably. But I'm going to do this anyway.

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