Thursday, May 09, 2002

There. Corrected that POV problem! Can you tell that I'm not exactly grounded in this book yet? But on the other hand, it is moving along well, averaging a bit over 1000 words per page of original script. This will put it in right in line with what I want at about 85,000 words. Page 18 of the original is now page 101. I can deal with this.

Amusingly, I've done almost 2000 today. I suspect I'll go for the 2000, in fact, as long as I'm this close.

I've been doing some other things while I work. Got some city agenda stuff done the hard way -- working directly on the server. I hate working that way, especially with a server as wonky as this one. Russ is going to be changing servers out in the next few weeks, though, so maybe it will get better.

Russ is in Omaha tonight. Odd not having him around. Since he works out of home now, it's kind of quiet. He works with my computer in the mornings and early afternoon, and then I take over and he works on his laptop or the other computer, depending on what he needs to get done. It's worked pretty well so far. We haven't killed each other yet, though he does get anxious if I get up earlier than ususal. He likes my computer. (grin)

So now I'm going to look at some pictures for awhile. Should be fun!

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