Saturday, May 11, 2002

One computer, two computers...

Agendas, PDF files, uploads... ah, still have the email to get out. Better do that right now before I forget.

Okay, that's off. The PDF version of Vision is also up, and I'm about to do the final touchups to the Palm version.

This all takes a lot longer than it probably sounds like it should. The City agenda was 77 pages. Vision was 202. Both had problems and had to be redone -- things that I didn't notice until you look at the pdf version. I try to catch all that sort of stuff, but it often turns up anyway. Ah well. They're done. They're emailed and posted and whatever.

Russ is in Omaha today. His second trip this week! I'm not entirely certain when he'll be home. He's visiting some friends today after a morning meeting.

And me? Well, I would like to start writing now, but I need to get some things done before we go see my mother tomorrow. Fun stuff, by the way... but I would still rather be doing a little writing. Actually, I've been doing notes and stuff between the other stuff. No surprise there, right?

Okay, yes. I'm wasting time here because I don't wan to go on to the next step. But off I go...

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