Tuesday, May 14, 2002

The cats and dog and phone woke me up nearly every hour through the morning and early afternoon. I kept making myself go back to sleep, and I'm sure that didn't help. I had odd dreams... planes landing in the middle of town, finding litters of siamese kittens in the shed... Things like that. Nothing bad, just odd.

I wrote last night. Fun writing, in fact. I opened up my current WIP and every time I had to open a few pictures from the a drive, I'd go write a few hundred words. I did well over 1000 that way. I'm going to do it again today. Just opening first batch of pictures now.

Starting count is 23358. I don't expect to do much over 1000 today. I have some serious editing to get back to -- haven't been doing nearly enough of that. But I'm off!

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