Thursday, May 30, 2002

Okay, I took a longer break. I'm back for a few hours though. A shame I lost that rush of words I had before. That was nice to get back after so many weeks.

Just did a check on where I stand in relation to last year's total for May. I'm down about 9000 words, which I don't think I'll have trouble making up in the next three days -- four counting today, in fact, since nothing from today is in that count. Not a problem at all, looked at that way.

But I wasn't too worried anyway. I was already...

No hold it. I looked at the wrong month. I'm less than 6,000 down for the month with four days left to count. If I can't do 6000 in four days, I'll have become a pod person and you can call the Men in Black. No problem. But I was about to say that I'm not worried anyway, because while I may be lagging a little this month, my overall total for the first four months of the year was already 179,551 words over what I wrote in the same months last year.

I'm going to get to October and November and lose a lot of that 'over' count because last year those were 100,000 word months, and though I had two of those already this year, I really can't count on them. 45,000-70,000 seems to be about my average. I had suspected this year would be better because of the novels, but I'm not certain that it will.

And now back to one of those novels again.

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