Monday, March 25, 2002

Writing wise, it was another low key day. I'm giving myself a rare 'rest' until the March Madness (27th-31st) hits. I hope to get a lot of writing done during that time. Right now it's just odds and ends. I'm going to edit a short story or two tomorrow and the next day and get them out. Beyond that, I really don't have much to work on except for class notes and the outline work for the new novel.

And that, by the way is what I'll be working on for the last five days of March. Something fun and completely different from The Quest for the Dark Staff series. I'm not bored with the series, by the way... and I don't want to be. I don't want to rush through any of the books just because I'm tired of working on them.

So with luck the new book will go well. I'm having fun with the research for it, and I've a couple hundred note cards done of little things I intend to use. Right now I'm working out important words that a group of people about to rebel would 'create' so that they couldn't be understood. Not an entire language, but a supplement to it, so that when the attack did come, they could give orders to their own people without having anyone else understand. These are fairly high tech people...

I just made a map. Not a good map, but it does give me some idea of territory disputes, where the four clans and two neutrals overlap. It also allows me to see where I can place my two 'secrets.' Next step is water and air currents. And I should do a little world building for creatures.

But all in all, it's going very well. I hope the story comes through for me. It seems pretty strong in my mind, but then I've had that before and had it not quite follow through as well as I hoped.

Okay off to bed and language creation.

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