Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Could it be that I'm actually getting something done? I've picked up the kitchen, getting the last of the groceries away. I went out and picked up a few more things off the old computer via the zip drive. It works much better than anything else we've tried. Right now it's copy 2000+ pictures from the old FD91 archive onto the hard drive here. Eventually they will go on a cd, once I get enough of them done to process one. These are all the pictures from the old floppy disk camera. Still some nice material in there, though. I'm copying the trip we took on our anniversary in 1999 right now -- Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde, Rocky Mountain National Park. Wonderful week. (Yes, I am still copying those disks. I took a break to do some serious writing, but I'm about to get back to it again.)

Right now I have Brendan's Song open. I think I'm going to get work done on it tonight. Yesterday I completed two new chapters that I think are going to really help the story along.

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