Monday, March 04, 2002

I've fixed the problem, but I begin to see more that I hadn't considered. They're 'upcoming' problems, though. I need to insert some POV chapters to reintroduce a couple characters and do so far sooner than I had in the original work. Still, that's not all bad. I just need a strong plot thread to pin them on.

And so, off to my favorite place to sit and think out plots. The bath tub. I'll take my little notecard notebook and a pen and see if I can't rethink part of this story...

Oh. The assassins. Yes. There's no reason not to bring them back in at this point. I think I can do something with that little tidbit.

0 degrees out with a -14 wind chill. A nice warm bath sounds great about now.

I might be back before I go to bed. Depends on how fired up I get over what I come up with. (grin)

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