Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Well,it took me all night but I do finally have a submission ready to go out in the mail today. Good. And I just updated my progress page on my writing journal so that I remember when it went out.

I wrote on ly a few hundred words today, but that's all right. I just looked and realized that I've already written over twice as much as I have in any March of the last four years.

I did manage to complete a rather inane little short story, at least. Less than 2000 words... I don't do that very often! It's in the pile of 'to be looked over and evaluated later' stuff.I might work on it again, and I might not.I do need to write a few good short stories, though. I feel like I'm running out of them!

Time to go do the last of my work and get to bed!

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