Friday, March 22, 2002

I have just typed The End

But It's not, really. I have one more run through ahead. I've lost one character in the crowd, forgotten to account for two others. I realized little bits of 'worldbuilding' as I worked that I am looking forward to adding in. And I'll have some clean up to do, I'm sure.

Still, the completed typed into the computer draft is done. I started it on the 26th of February, so that's not bad at all. About 24 days, since I'm still on the 'night before' word count. Haven't been to bed yet, after all. So that's a bit over 3000 words a day, just on this piece.

Aubreyan (book 1) came in at about 83,500. Brendan's Song is about 76,500 with a few thousand words more of addition. I might get a bit over 80,000. That's not too bad. I wonder if the next one will be shorter or longer? I'm hoping for a few days of ret between them, though.

Well, maybe not rest. I have other writing I want to get to. I'm hopeless, you know. And I have the March Madness coming up.

Time right now to put it aside for the rest of the night, though!

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