Tuesday, March 05, 2002

A few minor new computer problems, but nothing I haven't been able to work around, especially since I still have access to the poor, gutted former computer. Which, by the way, appears to be working very well today. I'm beginning to think it just didn't like me.

Right now I'm attempting to properly upload to my journal website. If I can get that to work, I don't think I'll have another problem. We found that neither of the drives wants to read the CDR80s, though the one from the other computer did when it was there... obviously a driver problem. It's not having trouble with the CDR74s though, and I have most of my stuff backed up from the first of the year on those. It also had no trouble with the zip drive, another good thing, since I've been automatically backing up all my manuscript stuff to it.

I think the real problem right now is going to be with the web sites.

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